2011 Lamprey River Symposium

Friday, January 7, 2011

Memorial Union Building - Room 334/336
University of New Hampshire


Some presentations will have live links to a pdf file that you can download directly, while others only have an email address where authors asked that interested persons contact the them directly to request a copy of the presentation. 

8:30 – 10:05 Session I

8:30 – Welcome and opening remarks ‐ Bill McDowell, UNH Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment PDF

8:40 ‐ Coupling a groundwater model and nitrogen concentration data at the organic dairy farm – Matt Davis, UNH Department of Earth Sciences PDF 

8:55 ‐ The role of wetlands on sustaining baseflow in the headwaters of the Lamprey with implications for water supply and biogeochemistry – Shan Zuidema, UNH Department of Earth Sciences Graduate Student Email 

9:10 ‐ Characterization of storm event carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the Lamprey River using in situ sensors – Wil Wollheim, UNH Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment PDF 

9:25 ‐ Analysis of nitrogen loading reductions for wastewater treatment facilities and non‐point sources in the Great Bay Estuary watershed ‐ Phil Trowbridge, PREP and NH DES PDF 

10:05 – 10:35 Break

10:35 – 11:45 Session II

10:35 ‐ Long‐term water quality trends in the Lamprey River ‐ Bill McDowell, UNH Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment Email 

10:45 ‐ Declining nitrogen retention with increasing nitrogen inputs in the Lamprey and Oyster River watersheds ‐ Michelle Daley, UNH Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment Email 

11:00 ‐ Detecting nitrogen sources and flow paths in the Great Bay watershed and engaging decision makers in the science – John Bucci, UNH Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment; Charlie French, UNH Cooperative
Extension; Steve Miller, Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve PDF 

11:45 – 1:15 Lunch and Breakout Groups *Bring your own lunch or purchase at Food Court*

1:15 – 3:00 Session III

1:15 ‐ Ecosystem processes in a piped stream (Pettee Brook) – Amanda Hope, UNH DNRE Graduate Student PDF 

1:30 ‐ Urbanization in Southeastern NH: Does it impact stream temperature? – Jennifer Jacobs, UNH Civil Engineering PDF 

1:45 ‐ Stormwater management strategies for reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus loading to surface waters – Robert Roseen, UNH Stormwater Center PDF 

2:05 ‐ Winter performance and maintenance of porous pavements ‐ Robert Roseen, UNH Stormwater Center PDF 

2:30 ‐ The path taken to remap the 100‐year Lamprey River floodplain ‐ Ann Scholz, UNH Stormwater Center Graduate Student PDF 

2:45 – Update on the Lamprey River nomination process ‐ Dawn Genes, LRWA

3:00 – 4:00 Research Priorities Discussions – Charlie French and Steve Miller ‐ Moderators