McDowell Lab Alumni

McDowell Lab Current/Alumni

Jacqueline Ann Aitkenhead-Peterson

PhD Natural Resources 2000 

My dissertation sought to identify the sources and fates of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen.  Fieldwork at UNH was primarily at Harvard Forest LTER

Recent Publications
Steele M.K. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2012). Urban soils of Texas: Relating irrigation sodicity to water-extractable carbon and nutrients. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. (in press)
Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Owings C.G., Alexander M.B., Larison N. and Bytheway J.A. (2012) Mapping the lateral extent of cadaver decomposition islands with soil chemistry. Forensic Science International. doi:10.1016/j.forsciint.2011.09.007.  (in press) Journal Impact Factor: 1.821. 
Ng J.P., Hollister E.B., Gonzalez-Chavez C.A., Hons F.M., Zuberer D.A., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Loeppert R. and Gentry T.J. (2012). Long-term tillage and cropping systems: impact on soil microbial populations and community composition. ISRN Ecology. (in press).
Dvorak B., Volder A and Aitkenhead-Peterson J. (2012). Stormwater retention findings from un-irrigated green roofs in Texas. Proceedings of the Cities Alive, 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference, Philadelphia. 30th November – 3rd December, 2011. (in press).
Pannkuk T.R., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Steinke K., Thomas J.C., Chalmers D.R. and White R.H. (2011). Carbon, nitrogen and orthophosphate leaching from soils under single- and mixed-species landscapes. HortScience. 46:1533–1539.  
Steele M.K. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2011). Long-term sodium and chloride surface water exports from the Dallas/Fort Worth region. Science of the Total Environment.  409:3021-3032. Doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2011.04.015. 

Allison Appling

Postdoctoral Research
181 James Hall

Alison Appling 


1) How do species-specific traits such as biomass stoichiometry and growth rate shape the magnitude and temporal patterns of ecosystem-scale nutrient uptake? (This project is currently taking place with Jim Heffernan at Duke University, but might influence work at UNH) 

2) How do land use, precipitation patterns, and in-stream processing affect solute concentrations in the Lamprey River?


B.S. Stanford University, 2004

Ph.D. Duke University, 2012


Link to personal website

Adam Baumann

Adam Baumann

B.S. Chemistry, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

M.S. Environmental Science and Policy, Plymouth State University

Research Lab Manager
Flathead Lake Biological Station


Professional Interests: 

Acid Rain: Evaluating long-term trends in biologically relevant chemistry in relation to the emissions regulations of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. Using remote and high elevation lakes to enhance our understanding of the effect atmospheric pollutants have on aquatic ecosystems.

Remote Sensing: Use of in-situ instrumentation to increase temporal and spatial resolution of nutrient and pollutant flux in surface waters. Influence of development and land-use on water quality.

Technical Support: Provide general technical support for instrumentation upkeep, maintenance and repair. Development of new methods. Instructional support for students on research and analytical methods.


Michelle Galvin Craddock

B.A. Environmental Science, Boston University
M.S. Water Resources, University of New Hampshire 

Flow Restoration Specialist
Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, Division of Ecological Restoration
Boston, MA 


Laura Diemer

Laura Diemer


In-stream carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus dynamics on the Central Siberian Plateau; quantifying bioavailable organic matter fractions following permafrost degradation.

Prior Education:
B.S. Environmental Science, University of Maine, Orono
M.S. Water Resources- University of New Hampshire


Kate Dunlap

Kate Dunlap

B.A. Environmental Studies, B.A. Spanish- Pacific Lutheran University
M.S. Water Resources- University of New Hampshire 

The Cadmus Group, Inc.
1555 Wilson Blvd. Suite 710
Arlington, VA 22209

I measured seasonal patterns in nitrate assimilation and denitrification in Burley-Demeritt Creek, on the UNH Organic Dairy Farm.


Shelby Flint

A.A. Simon’s Rock College (Liberal Studies, 1987)
B.A. Univ. of Arizona (Women’s Studies, 1993)
B.A. Univ. of Arizona (Political Science, 1993, concurrently earned)
M.S. Univ. of New Hampshire (Natural Resources: Water Resources, 2007)
Ph.D. Univ. of Minnesota (Conservation Biology, anticipated 2013) 

University of Minnesota
100 Ecology
1987 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108

Flint, S., Markle, T., Thompson, S., Wallace, E. "Bisphenol A exposure, effects, and policy: a wildlife perspective", in revision, Journal of Environmental Management
Flint, S., McDowell, W. “Impact of palustrine wetlands on dissolved N and C in a suburbanizing watershed, New Hampshire, USA”, in prep.

Ania Kobylinski

Lab Technician
161 James Hall 

Ania Kobylinski

Prior education 

B.Sc. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

M.Sc. NRES candidate University of Northern British Columbia, Canada


Lamprey River long term water quality monitoring 
DES Tidal Tributaries 
NHGS Well Monitoring 
College Brook (Durham) monthly monitoring


Jordan Macy

B.S. 2000, M.S. 2005, University of New Hampshire 

Effects of Nitrogen Saturation Experiments in Lowland Rainforest and Montane Cloud Forest of El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico. 

Currently serving as the Managing Director for Pure Home Water, a non-profit company dedicated to providing affordable safe home water filtration and storage solutions to rural households in the Northern Region of Ghana.   Pure Home Water manufactures clay filters which can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa water borne diseases from available public water supplies, typically including watering holes and dugouts, but also municipally piped drinking water.


Jeff Merriam

BS 1993,  MS  2001, University of New Hampshire 

My thesis investigated Nitrogen transformation, retention and export in a Puerto Rican Stream using a 15N tracer. 

Recent Publications
Bernot M.J., D. J. Sobota, R.O. Hall Jr., P.J. Mulholland, W.K. Dodds, J.R. Webster, J. L. Tank, L.R. Ashkenas,  L.W. Cooper, C.N. Dahm, S.V. Gregory, N. B. Grimm, S. K. Hamilton, S. L. Johnson, W.H. McDowell, J. L. Meyer, B. Peterson, G. C. Poole, H. M. Valett, C. Arango, J. J. Beaulieu, A. J. Burgin, C. Crenshaw, A. M. Helton, L. Johnson, J. Merriam, B.R. Niederlehner, J.M. O’Brien, J. D. Potter, R. W. Sheibley, S.M. Thomas, K. Wilson, 2010.  Inter-regional comparison of land-use effects on stream metabolism.  Freshwater Biology, 55, 1874–1890.
Potter, J.D., W.H. McDowell, J.L. Merriam, B.J. Peterson, and S.M. Thomas. 2010. Denitrification and total nitrate uptake in streams of a tropical landscape.  Ecological Applications, 20(8):2104-2115.
McDowell, W.H., A. Magill, J.A. Aitkenhead-Peterson, John D. Aber, Jeffrey Merriam, Sujay Kaushal. 2004. Effects of chronic nitrogen amendment on dissolved organic matter and inorganic nitrogen in soil solution. Forest Ecology and Management 196:29-42.
Webster, J.R., P.J. Mulholland, J.L. Tank, B.J. Peterson, W.R. Dodds, H.M. Valett, W.B.  Bowden, C.N. Dahm, S. Findlay, S.V. Gregory, N.B. Grimm, S.K. Hamilton, S.L. Johnson, E. Marti, W.H. McDowell, J.L. Merriam, D.D. Morrall, J.L. Meyer, S.A. Thomas, and W.M. Wollheim.  2003.  Factors affecting ammonium uptake in streams – an inter-biome perspective.  Freshwater Biology 48:1329-1352.
Mulholland, P.J., J. L. Tank, J. R. Webster, W. B. Bowden, W. K. Dodds, S. V. Gregory, N. B. Grimm, S. K. Hamilton, S. L. Johnson, E. Martí, W. H. McDowell, J. Merriam, J. L. Meyer, B. J. Peterson, H. M. Valett, and W. M. Wollheim. 2002.  Can uptake length in streams be determined by nutrient addition experiments? Results from an inter-biome comparison study.  J. North American Benthological Society 21: 544-560.


Anna Meyer

Anna Meyer 


B.A. University of Vermont
M.S. Water Resources, University of New Hampshire 


I am researched ammonium cycling in Burley Demerritt Creek, a small agriculturally influenced stream near the University. 


Nat Morse



Plum Island Ecosystems LTER --


B.S. Environmental Sciences – University of Vermont

M.S. Natural Resources – University of New Hampshire

Ph.D. Natural Resources – University of New Hampshire


Morse, N., W. B. Bowden, A. Hackman, C. Pruden, E. Steiner, E. Berger.  2007.  Using sound pressure to estimate reaeration in streams.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society.  26: 28-37.

Morse, N.B. 2010. Impacts of suburbanization on food web stoichiometry of detritus-based streams. M.S. dissertation, University of New Hampshire.

Morse, N.B., W.M. Wollheim, J.P. Benstead, & McDowell, W.H.. Impacts of suburbanization on food web stoichiometry in detritus-based streams of New England. In review. 


Lucy Parham

Lucy Parham

B.S.  Sewanee: University of the South
M.S. 2012 University of New Hampshire 

Spatial and temporal variation of dissolved organic matter in the Lamprey River.

Carbon and nitrogen cycling in streams of the Central Siberian Plateau.


Brian Pellerin

B.S. University of New Hampshire
M.S. University of Maine
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire 

US Geological Survey, CA Water Science Center
6000 J Street, Placer Hall
Sacramento, CA 95831

Nick Shonka

Nick Shonka



Sediment loading and transport associated with land-use change in the Lamprey River Watershed


B.A. University of Colorado - Boulder
M.S. University of New Hampshire

Elena Traister

Ph.D. 2010 University of New Hampshire 

My research focused on stream disturbance ecology and I had field sites in New Hampshire (on the Suncook River), in western Massachusetts, and in the Czech Republic.

Kram, P., Oulehle, F., Stedra, V., Hruska, J., Shanley, J.B., Minocha, R., and E. Traister. 2010. Geoecology of a forest watershed underlain by serpentine in Central Europe. Northeastern Naturalist 16:309-328.
Kram P., Traister E., Kolarikova K., Oulehle F., Skorepa J., Fottova D. (2008) Potocni makrozoobentos deviti vybranych povodi site GEOMON (In Czech , English abstract: Stream benthic macroinvertebrates of nine selected catchments of the GEOMON network). Zpravy o geologickych vyzkumech za rok 2007 (Geoscience Research Reports for 2007), 162-168, Ceska geologicka sluzba (Czech Geological Survey), Praha, in press.
Traister, E.M. and S. Anisfeld. 2006. Variability of Indicator Bacteria at Different Time Scales in the Upper Hoosic River Watershed. Environmental Science and Technology 40: 4990-4995.