Nick Shonka

M.S., Soil and Water Resource Management, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire, 2014
B.A., Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 2005
Research Focus at UNH:
Sediment loading and transport associated with land-use change in the Lamprey River Watershed.
Current Position & Contact Information:
Selected publications:
Shonka, N.K. 2014. Water quality sensors provide insight into the suspended solids dynamics of high flow storm events in the Lamprey River. Master of Science Dissertation, Department of   Natural Resources & the Environment, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, University of  New Hampshire, Durham, NH. Publication No. 1526056.

Morse, N.B., P.A. Pellissier, E.N. Cianciola, R.L. Brereton, M.M. Sullivan, N.K. Shonka, T.B. Wheeler, and W.H. McDowell. 2014. Novel ecosystems in the Anthropocene: A revision of  the novel ecosystem concept for pragmatic applications. Ecology and Society 19(2):12.