Lisle Snyder

Lisle Snyder

Research Technician III

176 Spaulding

lLisle Snyder


Current Projects:

I am excited to be working on the EPSCoR aquatic sensor network project, which will establish an easily accessible and real-time hydrochemical data set for streams systems across a variety of land use types within the state of New Hampshire.


Prior Education:

MSc – Natural Resources – Aquatic Ecology and Watershed Science, The University of Vermont

BSc – Environmental Science – Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Plattsburgh State University


Research Interests:

Biogeochemistry of surface waters and the use of emerging technologies in monitoring stream hydrochemical data.      



Snyder, L., Potter, J.D., and McDowell, W.H. (2018). An evaluation of nitrate, fDOM, and turbidity sensors in New Hampshire Streams. Water Resources Research. 54.

Koenig, L.E., Shattuck, M.D., Snyder, L. E., Potter, J.D., and McDowell, W.H. (2017).Deconstructing the effects of flow on DOC, nitrate, and major ion interactions using a high-frequency aquatic sensor network. Water Resources Research. 53. 10655-10673. doi:10.1002/2017WR020739

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Snyder, L., and Bowden, W.B. (2014). Nutrient dynamics in an oligotrophicarctic stream monitored in situ by wet chemistry methods. Water Resources Research. 50. 2039–2049, doi:10.1002/ 2013WR014317